The Top Five Benefits of a Brazilian Wax

Medical spas provide many beneficial treatments and there are over 4,200 medi spas now open in the United States. The popularity of these places has been soaring in recent years, and it isn’t a surprise when you consider the benefits associated with medical spa treatments. While chemical peels and facials may be the two biggest treatments associated with these spas, many also offer waxing salons that enable you to knock out two birds with one visit. Since most aestheticians recommend getting a professional facial once every month, you can also take advantage of on-site waxing services and get everything taken care of in one visit.

A Brazilian wax treatment is by far one of the most well known and most popular that you can receive. However, while it can help boost appearances, it can also have many benefits that are worth considering. If you’ve been curious about this treatment, or have considered visiting your local medical spa to receive it, here is what you can look forward too.

1. Improved Comfort

Because a Brazilian wax thoroughly removes all hair from the belly button to the tailbone, you can enjoy a smooth and much more comfortable bikini area. This method of waxing also ensures that the hair stays gone for longer, making removing it only a monthly endeavor. (Perfect for being paired with a good professional facial!)

2. Consistency

As stated above, the key is to continue this process once every four to five weeks. By keeping with this routine you can expect to see the hair come back much finer and much less densely. This helps further improve comfort and ensure that you won’t have to deal with uncomfortable or itchy hair in between sessions.

3. Smoother, Healthier Skin

A Brazilian wax not only removes uncomfortable hair, but it also removes dead skin cells. This acts as an effective way of exfoliating even those hard to reach places leaving your skin even healthier. Likewise, because the hair is removed from the root, you’ll be able to enjoy smoother skin all around. This is something shaving just cannot provide.

4. Less Irritation

A Brazilian wax also won’t leave you in danger of painful razor burn, and the results can leave you with a smooth, itch-free area for up to four weeks. When compared to the frequent irritation that shaving can bring, it’s not even a contest.

5. Boosted Confidence

A Brazilian wax can also help boost your overall confidence. When you feel good about the way you look, you can better project your confidence to the world. (Even when you’re not wearing a bikini!)

Medical spas offer many great treatment options, and it’s worth making a day of it if you want to take advantage of more than one. Consider your monthly spa visit to be a special treat to yourself, one that can help improve your appearance and your skin health!

If you’ve been considering booking an appointment at your local medi spa, now is the time to stop hesitating. Schedule an appointment today to take advantage of their incredible treatments. You deserve it!

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