Questions You Should Before Getting Dermal Fillers

Time is moving fast, and the wrinkles and deep lines are now visible on your face. You desire your past youthful skin and contours but do not want to undergo invasive procedures. Some women have naturally smooth and toned skin, while others need non-surgical cosmetic treatments to reverse the effects of aging.

However, there are so many procedures, and if you do not understand them, you may get confused and opt for the wrong treatment. Many women are open to non-invasive cosmetic treatments, but there is too much information online that brings misperceptions.

Before you go under the needle, you should have some knowledge about face injections, facelifts, chemical peels, and other treatments. Even though dermal fillers and Botox are safer than surgery, being well-informed is key.

Things to Know Before Your Appointment

Before getting dermal fillers in your favorite medi spa in Knoxville, TN, ask yourself and your aesthetician the following questions:

1. What Types of Fillers Are There?

There are approximately six types of dermal fillers. Some use synthetic fillers, others collagen, and most hyaluronic acid. They all function differently and are used for different parts of your face.

2. What results should you expect?

You should visit a medi spa or contact your aesthetician/dermatologist to explain your desired results after treatment. After the treatment, you can expect filled deep lines around your mouth and nose, plumper lips, restored volume, less scarring, and reduced frown lines. The results will depend on the type of face injection your aesthetician has used.

Dermal fillers are temporary cosmetic treatments, so their effects are reversible. On average, results last from six months to a year. Some effects can be noticed immediately, while others may take up to two weeks, depending on the type of injection used.

3. How long is the Procedure?

Your aesthetician at your local medi spa will perform three major procedures during treatment. First is a consultation and facial assessment where your cosmetic doctor will examine the target areas and review your medical history. Next, there is sanitizing and anesthetizing. At this stage, the aesthetician will use antibacterial to clean your skin and use anesthesia or ice to numb the muscles.

Some types of dermal fillers have anesthesia to make the procedure less uncomfortable. Lastly, there are the actual injections, which take a few seconds per target area. The whole process usually lasts less than half an hour.

4. What are the Side Effects?

The dermal fillers and face injections at a licensed medi spa should be degradable, biocompatible, and safe for your skin. The acid injected to the target surface occurs naturally in your skin, making fillers a viable option.

5. Is My Aesthetician Qualified and Experienced?

Before undergoing any cosmetic treatment at a medispa in Knoxville, ensure that they have the credits and expertise. If your doctor is not registered, get a licensed professional to do the treatment. Otherwise, you may ruin your skin or facial appearance.

Keep in mind that you are in control of any treatment you choose. Consult with your aesthetician before stopping treatment, or if you want to change, try other face injections or facelifts.

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