Examining The Pros And Cons Of Dermaplaning

If you’ve been having trouble with hair removal, especially on your face, one of the best options available is dermaplaning.

For those unfamiliar, dermaplaning is a hair removal technique that uses a scalpel to exfoliate dead skin cells from a person’s face. Essentially what happens is the scalpel is used to gently remove the top layer of skin. By doing this, a person’s dead skin layer, more commonly known as peach fuzz, is removed. What’s left is fresh, smooth, and bright skin that makes a person feel more confident about the way they look.

If you’re considering dermaplaning, you should know there are several pros and cons to the procedure:


The procedure is a great skin removal option for pregnant women or for those with sensitive skin. It can also be performed frequently, so if in the event a person feels fuzz growing back, they can have a dermaplaning facial done again.

For those who visit spas for chemical peels, facials, laser treatments, and other skin procedures, dermaplaning can be done beforehand. This allows for better penetration of the products used in treatments for chemical peels and facials.

Another benefit of dermaplaning is that once it’s done, hair doesn’t grow back thicker and darker. As an added bonus, the procedure can also help lighten acne scars.


While dermaplaning can be beneficial for a lot of people, the results can differ depending on how fast a person’s hair grows. Something else to consider is that this procedure isn’t designed to take very long because the hair isn’t uprooted like it is with treatments like waxing.

Visiting A Med Spa

The good news is that if dermaplaning sounds like it might benefit you and your skin, this procedure is offered by most medical spas. If you’re visiting a local medispa for treatments like facials, something that aestheticians say you should get professionally done monthly, then you might consider booking an appointment for dermaplaning.

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for facials, dermaplaning treatments, and laser treatments, look no further than Create Medical Aesthetics for all your skin care needs. By booking an appointment, you’re be taking an important step toward healthier skin and you’ll ultimately be left looking great from the inside out.

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